Editor's Letter : Spring 2018

Written by Taylor Satchell Reid

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Spring is all about new life and new growth. And I’m coming into this season really expecting that for both myself and Clarity. I’ve been feeling it for weeks! Wondering where I’ll be, what I’ll be doing and where Clarity will be in the coming months...

All I know is that it’s going to be good! (And I’m sure a consistently bumpy journey!). You have all been so amazing in getting Clarity to where it is today, and we’re at a point where we only need 100 more subscribers to cover our printing costs and make sure Clarity continues to change our nation’s media! What on earth!? It feels like I’ve blinked and suddenly we’re here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s no surprise that it’s time to cover diversity! Scrolling through my social media and listening to conversations in the coffee shop I work in, it’s no doubt that we are coming into a time where no line will go un-blurred. From gender, to race; dating, to occupation. Anything goes. So as per usual, we’re starting the conversation…

This issue we’re discussing privilege, after the release of Black Panther shook societal views! We’ve got an intro on gender dysphoria - starting the ‘trans’ conversation. And we’re also interviewing some incredible women! In our Grace Uncensored series we have Susan, who opens up about motherhood and the loss of a child. You can also find Menekse from Cheerfully Given shaking things up in ‘start-up’, our Career Meets Calling topic! This issue really is a powerhouse, and a challenge. Let’s be an authentic group of people who stand out because we refuse to shrink under labels. Let’s get inspired!…

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