Snacks to combat period problems

Written by Taylor Satchell Reid

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For many, periods bring with them an array of additional problems. From cramps to crazy moods, we've got you sorted with these snacks...

Cocoa to combat cramps:
Magnesium levels tend to drop towards the end of our cycle, so just before we bleed we need an extra boost. Plus, magnesium is associated with combatting cramps and, winning, it’s found in chocolate. Go dark or powdered for a greater measure.

Banana Breakthrough:
Periods can send your sugar levels spiralling, telling your stomach to take action. Bananas are a great tool to raise and regulate blood sugar, keeping carby cravings at bay. They are also known to better moods by encouraging serotonin production. Starting with an oats and banana breakfast will set you up to break through the day.

Peace of Poultry:
Menstruation can increase levels of anxiety for many. Especially if they've suffered from trauma in the past, according to the Journal of Traumatic Stress. When it comes to anxiety, eating chicken or turkey is recommended. Vitamin B12 is valued for it’s mind management. Getting a birdy boost is a great way to better your mood as well as promoting a lean diet!

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