Choose the right fragrance : how scents create emotions ...

Written by Taylor Satchell Reid

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Whether perfume, candles or cleaning products, fragrances can have a huge effect on our feelings. Get it right with out brief beauty guide...

On the spot : Musk
When it comes to interviews or daunting dates, musk may be your must-have fragrance. According to multiple studies, musk is a smell associated with success and also helps us to feel more confident. Women are much more sensitive to the smell, so even better if you work in an all-female environment! Team with Jasmine if you’re prone to get nervous! Nice work...

On the spot : Lavender
The smell of this fragrant flower is said to support you in both sleep and sex-appeal. Lavender has long been used for it’s calming effects. By lowering the heart rate and increasing relaxation, this sultry scent promises a good nights rest, so if you’re struggling to settle down, this could do the trick! Not only that but when it comes to marriage, lavender has also been shown to be a satisfying scent for men while also promoting interpersonal trust, mirroring the security of sex in marriage.

Feeling at home : Citrus
It just so happens that home fragrances can have a huge effect! According to a recent survey at Washington State University, citrus tones are the perfect way to go to increase the appeal of your apartment or house. They increase perceived value - perhaps because of their fresh and clean quality!

Off to work : Peppermint
Pep-up with peppermint scents! If you’re looking for a concentration and energy boost, peppermint oil is said to have brain-boosting effects. Now used in many shower gels and shampoos, this fresh fragrance is a great way to start the day. It’s supposed to help with clear-thinking so if the working week is getting you bogged down, give it a try! If you’re not a fan of mint, lemon scents also work!

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