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Written by Lauren Jo Collins


Autumn's shoulderless styles

6th Sep 2016
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Go back in time this season with some 70s inspired styles! Autumn ’16 is looking to be giving the ‘cold shoulder’ to conventional lingerie and testing your temper when it comes to finding the right bra. Clarity's got you covered...

1. Cold shoulder
Strapless. It is as simple as that; invest in a very good quality seamless strapless bra. Plus, if you can, make it multiway with the straps. Keep your shoulders bare whilst staying supported.
2. Low plunge
This may seem almost impossible to find a supportive solution to the deep V; however, you have to follow the neckline with a low plunge ‘u’ bra. You can find one in Boux Avenue, who will also show you how to use it and adjust for different types of plunge lines.
3. Boxy
High neck structured tops are trickier than first meets the eye. Try a balconette bra to lift and enhance your bust with a ‘shelf’ type shape. This keeps your bust spherical under tops that hide your cleavage.
4. Sheer
Seamless all the way. Keep it simple with a seamless, plain strapless bra for a real life censored bar. For those who are a little more adventurous try a bralette or longline bra for the underwear is outerwear look.
5. Pastels
Shy away from white! Getting nude will be your new thing; not literally of course! Nude underwear will always stay neutral under light colours and blend in with your complexion rather than showing white pigmentation and edges through the material.

Graphics : Chloe Foreman

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