Editor's letter : Summer 18

Written by Taylor Satchell Reid

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Thank God for the sunshine! There’s something about waking up in brighter light and walking in warmer air that reminds me how much bigger things are than me! What a relief that is. It’s also a reminder of how nurtured and cared for I am - an even bigger relief!

Something about the seasons and those big things we can’t control, reminds us not to dwell on our hiccups or stumbles, but to take every opportunity to enjoy jumping hurdles. While I love the challenge and jumping part - one thing I struggle to do is be still. And this is something I’m really having to learn at the moment. How to be still and to be patient. Maybe you can empathise?
Hannah writes in our gorgeous story of Jochebed on page 54, ‘sometimes we have to relinquish control over things we care deeply about and instead hand them over to God. Sometimes, it’s the kindest thing to do.’ This has really spoken to me. Believing I hold the key to every answer, penny, or opportunity that will pave the way for Clarity and myself is silly. Life is never an obvious and easy journey - where would the adventure be in that!? But knowing that goodness follows us - that’s the key, and it’s been true in everything we’ve experienced. We’re so thankful for every invitation to visit schools and events. We’re thankful for every new order that comes through! And so thankful for the constant cheerleading from all of you. You’re amazing!

This season we’ve got dating myths, health top-ups, stories from strip-clubs and more. Our team have tried to deposit something great into each of your lives, from career confidence to beautiful travel ideas. Goodness follows us. So as we hold closely to that truth, we hope that you too can ditch any fear of the future!

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